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Butterfly Shirt, Airbrushed

–This T-Shirt is from Gildan Shirts. It is:

  • Adult Crew-Neck T-Shirt
  • 5.3oz, 100% Heavy, Preshrunk Cotton
  • Color: Black
  • Sizes: Youth Extra Small to Adult 3XL





This shirt displays a large butterfly

Why a Butterfly?

Butterflies make everyone happy. They’re not like other flies–that make you search for the swatter. Butterflies flutter brightly colored wings and enhance the environment. When a housefly lands on you, you swat at it and then wash your arm. When a butterfly lands on you, you hold still so as not to scare it away. No one knows where the name ‘Butterfly’ comes from. It may be derived from Middle English buterflie, butturflye, boterflye, or from Old English butorflēoge, buttorflēoge, buterflēoge, perhaps a compound of butor (beater), mutation of bēatan (to beat), and flēoge (fly). But no one knows for sure. For that matter, the little creatures may have been originally called ‘Flutter-bys’ since that’s what they do–they flutter by. Then, over time, the name changed to Butterfly. Regardless, they’re still cute This butterfly shirt would make a great gift for a little girl (or even for a big girl for that matter). The simple design and geometric pattern work well together. The Butterfly looks great on a black shirt, but we can also paint it on a pink shirt or a blue shirt.

Your butterfly shirt should last years:

We spend a lot of time making this butterfly shirt and we want it to last as long as possible. In fact, we guarantee your airbrushed artwork for the life of your shirt. As long as your t-shirt is still wearable, we will repaint it for free–if you believe the artwork is not as bright as when you first bought it. You only have to pay the shipping costs. No other t-shirt shop offers this type of warranty. Please contact us first, however, before you send us your shirts so we can verify the original purchase. We can only accept warranty returns from the original purchaser.

We try to make your butterfly shirt look like the pictures. Yet, each shirt is a hand-painted original. So you may see differences in colors and details. Most buyers tell us, however, that their shirt came out nicer than the listing pictures.

How to wash your butterfly shirt:

Please wash your shirt inside-out in Cold water. Dry on a low to medium temperature setting.

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