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Cinderella Youth T-Shirt

Digitally-Printed Design on American Apparel Youth T-Shirt

    • 100% jersey cotton
    • Durable ribbed neckband
    • Unisex
    • Not intended for sleepwear
    • Sizes for ages 2 yrs to 12 yrs
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This kid’s t-shirt features our Cinderella design along with a magical swirl and a glass slipper.

Who was this t-shirt designed for?

This awesome t-shirt is made for princesses of all ages. Yet, we especially made it for Cinderella. So if your daughter, granddaughter, or niece is Cinderella (or if you are at least 99.9% certain she is, or might one-day become €”the real Cinderella) then this personalized shirt awaits her highness .
Cinderella is the perfect princess. She grew up under a wicked stepmother (nothing against stepmothers) and two wicked stepsisters (nothing against stepsisters). Then one day, a handsome prince rescued her from her life of servitude and turned her, instantly, into a princess. Therefore, the ‘Cinderella Story’ is the original tale of rags-to-riches. That’s why this Cinderella kid’s t-shirt is a classic. In essence, it says, “I’m pretty sure I’m a princess. I’m just waiting for my handsome prince to discover me and make it official.”
This Cinderella design would be perfect for… um… Cinderella, of course. Unfortunately, we’ve sold so many Cinderella products that we have to consider the possibility of there being many Cinderella pretenders out there. Come on… they can’t all be Cinderella. In fact, we both know that your daughter, granddaughter, or niece is the real Cinderella.

Your digitally-printed Cinderella shirt should last years:

Even though we love to airbrush shirts, new technology printers help us produce high-quality shirts at a faster rate. After extensive tests, we determined that the current line of direct-to-garment printers produced the same bright colors and high detail as our airbrushed work. Furthermore, the digitally-printed designs are just as soft and long-lasting as the airbrushed versions. Therefore, we now digitally print our shirts.

How to wash your Cinderella kid’s t-shirt:

Please wash your shirt inside-out in Cold water. Dry on a low to medium temperature setting.

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