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Derpy Hooves Youth T-Shirt

Digitally-Printed Design on American Apparel Youth T-Shirt

    • 100% jersey cotton
    • Durable ribbed neckband
    • Unisex
    • Not intended for sleepwear
    • Sizes for ages 2 yrs to 12 yrs


This kid’s t-shirt features Derpy from the My Little Pony Friendship is Magic collection

Who is Derpy?

Derpy is a Pegasus pony on the My Little Pony TV show. The producers originally named her Ditzy Doo, probably because she represented the common stereotype of a ditzy, blond friend. Yet fans of the show quickly renamed her Derpy Hooves. According to one Urban Dictionary, Derpy means awkward or embarrassing, especially when pertaining to a person or a cute little pony.  For instance:
“Man, that guy is so awkward!”
“Yeah, he’s really derpy.”

The name Derpy possibly originated from a South Park episode where Mr. Derp became the temporary chef of the elementary school. On the show, Mr. Derp performed silly, but harmless stunts. Afterward, he would say, “Derp, Derp.” Because so many My Little Pony fans preferred the name Derpy to Ditzy Doo, the producers adopted the new name. Unfortunately, some Facebook fans took offense at the character. They said that Derpy portrayed women as stupid and annoying. Coincidentally, many fans of the show considered the offended Facebook fans to be stupid and annoying. The consensus was “Why must Hollywood producers portray all female characters as intelligent and all male characters as weak and stupid? In reality, there are smart and silly women and there are smart and silly men.” Anyway, Derpy is silly and annoying, but she is still lovable and well-liked by the other characters.

This Derpy kid’s t-shirt would make a perfect gift for someone who doesn’t take himself or herself too seriously. Most of us can identify with this little Pegasus pony. We all feel a little Derpy at times. When we feel as if we had a week of Mondays, it’s time to pull out the Derpy kid’s t-shirt. By the way, this is not a typical Derpy kid’s t-shirt.  This My Little Pony Derpy kid’s t-shirt is bright and colorful and suitable for adults as well as children.  And now we offer it in many different colors.

Your digitally-printed Derpy kid’s t-shirt should last years:

Even though we love to airbrush shirts, new technology printers help us produce high-quality shirts at a faster rate.  After intensive tests, we determined that the current line of direct-to-garment printers produced the same bright colors and high detail as our airbrushed work.  Furthermore, the digitally-printed designs are just as soft and long-lasting as the airbrushed versions.  Therefore, we now digitally print our shirts.

How to wash your Derpy kid’s t-shirt:

Please wash your kid’s t-shirt inside-out in cold water. Dry on a low to medium temperature setting.

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