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Welcome!! We hope you recognize, as you browse through our shop, that we are passionate about great t-shirts. Our shirts are different. Primarily, we focus on developing great shirts, even if they cost more and take longer to produce.

Unfortunately, most t-shirts today are made as quickly and cheaply as possible. For instance, if you buy a t-shirt at Wal-Mart or Target you won’t pay too much, but you probably won’t enjoy it much either. Designs on most modern shirts feel heavy and stiff. Furthermore, they tend to crack and peel after a few months. In fact, a lot of shirt designers incorporate a rough, cracked texture into their shirt designs so that the real cracking and peeling is less noticeable. Do we really need to make shirts this way? We don’t think so.

When we airbrushed shirts (starting in the 1980s), the finished products were bright, bold and soft. In fact, the pictures felt like a part of the shirt. They didn’t crack; they didn’t peel. They didn’t even fade much–even after years of washing. The downside was that airbrushed shirts cost more and took a long time to make. Yet because we didn’t like the look and feel of the manufactured shirts, we continued using the airbrush. Now, however, modern technology has given us the best benefits of all methods. The current line of direct-to-garment printers allows us to produce beautiful, soft-to-the-touch shirts at incredible speeds. This allows us to make airbrush-like shirts for you at a lower cost.

We also make great screen-printed shirts. We don’t, however, use the common ink that other screen-printers use (Plastisol ink). Even though Plastisol is easy to work with–and the industry standard for most screen-printers–we don’t like the heavy feel. And if we don’t enjoy wearing a chunk of plastic on our torso, we know our customers won’t either. Instead, we use a water-based, environment-friendly, ink that flows into the shirt’s fibers. This ink is more difficult to use but the finished product is bright and soft. Also, this permits us to make screen-printed shirts that won’t crack or peel, even after years of use.

At Baron Air, we make the best shirts available. We’ve been in the business since the 1980s. From that time to this, we’ve seen a negative trend. Big chain department stores have forced t-shirt producers to accept razor-thin profits to keep prices low. Understandably, these shirt makers couldn’t continue to produce more for less. Eventually, they had to produce less for less. So, in the end, the quality of t-shirt art has suffered. We will not follow that trend. Our promise is that we will always use the best materials and processes to make your shirt.



Photo of Ric Esrey

Ric Esrey

Here’s some art from the past.  These are all from the 1980s, which was the heyday of Airbrushed Artwork.