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Baron Air Story

Welcome!! My name is Elizabeth Esrey.  I’m the owner of Baron Air.  I built this website for my father in 2013 so that he could sell his hand-airbrushed t-shirts online. We named the shop Baron Air because that was the name of my father’s t-shirt business in the 1980s.

My father has been airbrushing shirts since the 1980s and he wanted to see if people were still interested in buying airbrushed artwork over 30 years later.  After a few slow years, we discovered there was too much interest in these classic, hand-painted shirts. Since my father was the only airbrush artist (and we couldn’t find anyone else who had airbrushing experience) we found that we had to charge over $40 a shirt to keep up with demand–and we didn’t like charging so much for shirts.

In early 2019, my father decided that painting t-shirts by hand was too much work.  So, he quit and went back to his government job.  After doing some research I realized I could still design shirts with that 1980s feel and then use a direct-to-garment printer to mechanically ‘airbrush’ the designs onto the shirts.

My goal is to make shirts that look and feel as close to the hand-airbrushed originals as possible.  Airbrushed shirts are bright, bold and soft. In fact, the pictures felt like a part of the shirt. They didn’t crack; they didn’t peel. They didn’t even fade much–even after years of washing.  The current line of direct-to-garment printers allows us to produce beautiful, soft-to-the-touch shirts at incredible speeds. This allows us to make airbrush-like shirts for you at a lower cost.

At Baron Air, we produce the best designs on the highest quality shirts using the best equipment–at a reasonable price.



Here’s some of my father’s airbrush art from the past.  These are all from the 1980s, which was the heyday of Airbrushed Artwork.